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Call For Papers for the Journal of Hellenic Religion Volume Seven

The Journal of Hellenic Religion’s (ISSN 1748-7811) Editorial panel decided to pursue a seventh volume of the Journal, which will be forthcoming in the mid 2014.

A brief Journal’s statement is as follows: The JfHR is a peer-reviewed annual periodical. It has as a main theme the original multidisciplinary study of ancient Greek Religion and Theology.

The subject of the forthcoming Volume number 7 will focus on the ancient Art and Greek Religion. Authors may wish to submit articles on the ‘images of Divinities’, the depiction of Worship, ceremonies and Festivities, the representation of Mythological concepts and ideas, or the art’s influence on Greek Theological approaches. The forthcoming theme may be of interest to scholars and students of Art history, Archaeology, Philosophy of art and Sociology of art. The period covered is from the Prehistoric / Neolithic to Hellenistic period of the Mediterranean region. The articles should include a full bibliography and footnotes. Please find the guide for authors here. The deadline is on the 25 th of December 2013.

The editorial panel may request editions and alterations and a summary of the peer-reviewed process will be send after the author’s request. Authors hold their copyright. The contributors should sign a License for Publish based on the standards of good academic research practice for publications by the Surf Foundation and JISC.

Submission of any material must be in electronic form (doc), accompanied with the legal name and a current email and postal address of the author and emailed to the Editor by using our email address here.

Thank you in advance of your contributions.

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