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Published in: Journal Of Hellenic Religion, , Vol. 2, 68-73.


Lucia Nixon, Making a Landscape Sacred. Oxford: Oxbow Books, 2006. Pp. 196. ISBN 1-84217-206-9. GB £24.00

The blossoming of landscape studies was noticed since 1980s, when archaeologists began to look more carefully at the role of space in the constitution of past societies. In particular, landscape archaeology has provided archaeologists with a framework for contextualizing their observations and at the same time, establishing relations and parallels between sites of a specific period.1 Specifically, in the reviewed book “Making a Landscape Sacred” by Lucia Nixon, the results of an ongoing survey-research at Sphakia-a district in Southwestern Crete- are presented. The aim of this book is to provide a starting point for further reading and research concerning the landscape of Sphakia during the time-course (AD 1000-2000). In this book, Lucia Nixon (hereafter N.) writes with the authority of the co-director of the Sphakia Survey at Crete.2

1 For an introduction to landscape archaeology, see Casey, Edwards (2008): “ Place in Landscape Archaeology: A Western Philosophical Thought” in Handbook of Landscape Archaeology, Bruno David and Julian Thomas (eds.), Left Coast Press, Inc., U.S.A, especially pp.36-38.

2 For up-to-date information concerning the research carried out at Sphakia:

Keywords: sacred-place,churches,christianity,crete,methodology,archaeology,sphakia-survey

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