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Published in: Journal Of Hellenic Religion, , Vol. 6, 19-34.


Ino-Leucothea, the daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia, sister of Semele and Dionysus’ aunt, a mortal Princess and archetypal Maenad who became the sea Goddess protector of sailors and harbours, enables us to draw the religious conception of the sea in the Greek world. As Dionysus, she is undoubtedly the Goddess of contradiction implied by her duality; she is the Goddess of the dialectic of alterity and identity.

Following the thesis that mythology ought to be viewed as an essential element of the philosophical approach to the religiosity, this article will attempt to perceive the internal coherence of Ino-Leucothea’s legend, and to illuminate the theological and philosophical background.

Keywords: Ino-Leucothea,sea-Goddess,sailors,harbours,Dionysus,dual-divinity Theology.

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