Published in: Journal Of Hellenic Religion, , Vol. 5, 1-76.


Although Piraeus was one of the most important ancient cities, little is known about its mythical past. Many names of heroes have survived, but their labours were not recorded by the ancient writers; it may be therefore implied that they were local heroes of no general significance. The aim of this paper is to compile the available information about the mythical heroes and to assess whether these heroes were actually ancient or if they were created at a latter date. Through our research, we face the quest of the origin of the heroes of ancient Piraeus. The question is that, if they were not autochthons, from which area of Greece did they come to Piraeus? As some of these heroes may be related with Boeotia and Thessaly, we come across the myths about massive population movements during the so-called dark ages of Greek antiquity.


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